Site Approvals


All necessary approvals are now in place at Astoria’s Belleville site. An existing Provisional Certification of Approval (C of A) for a Waste Disposal Site (2010) was already in place on the property that allowed for the transfer and processing of non-hazardous recyclable materials, solid non-hazardous municipal waste and leaf and yard waste from domestic and commercial sources.

Astoria Organic Matters has now amended the C of A to include food waste and other materials for composting. An application for Site Plan Approval from the City of Belleville and Quinte Conservation also had to be completed in order for the site to be developed.

Three Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECA) from the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change are now in place on the site:

  • Amended Environmental Compliance Approval No. 0031-7UTRSS, dated August 7, 2015 for a Waste Disposal Site under Section 27 of the Environmental Protection Act;
  • Environmental Compliance Approval No. 0565-9WXGBY, dated August 7, 2015 for Air and Noise for a Waste Disposal Site under Section 9 of the Environmental Protection Act; and
  • Environmental Compliance Approval No. 5515-9VEL3J, dated August 10, 2015 for Sewage for a Waste Disposal Site under Section 53 of the Ontario Water Resources Act.


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