Mission Statement

We are a forward thinking organic processing organisation offering a complete solution for organic waste diversion from Landfill, protecting the earth by reducing the carbon footprint. We do this by composting and creating other product offerings with materials that would otherwise go to landfill.

Our employees are a key success factor by implementing safe and efficient operational practices. These are achieved through diversity, knowledge, training, recognition and respect for each other and the environment.

We achieve profitability through efficient management of our human resources, operational processes and by improving our customer and supplier relationships by working together to find solutions to benefit all parties. We do this with passion to fulfil the expectations of all stakeholders involved.

All employees are committed to and responsible for the sustainable success of our company through maintaining and strengthening our customer base through superior customer service and quality of product.

What We Offer

Astoria Organic Matters offers a variety of services on-site, including:

Clean Construction Waste Drop-Off (Lumber, Unpainted Drywall)

Leaf and Yard Waste Drop Off

Electronic Waste Recycling

Landscape Material Retail Centre

Sales of Finished Compost

Why Choose Us

We are certified, accredited, fully insured and bonded. Our innovative thinking, state-of-the-art technologies, and landfill diversion philosophy will help convert, manufacture, recover & rework hundreds of thousands of raw materials into sound recycled products for sale to landscapers, residents, engineering firms, contractors, golf courses, farmers, and a variety of other clients that would normally go to a conventional landfill.