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032The high quality compost produced at the Astoria Organic Matters facility has a number of uses and benefits. High quality compost has been proven to enhance the physical, chemical and biological properties of a soil. When applied to coarse textured soils, the compost allows for increased nutrient and water retention and when applied to heavy textured soils, the compost will improve the soil structure, infiltration and drainage. Also, the addition of compost to a soil will increase the organic material content and significantly enhance the rate of biological activity.

Finished compost is primarily used in the agricultural industry as an alternative to chemical substances but it is also used by landscapers and home gardeners to enhance soil and by engineers and contractors to control erosion and runoff.

Some of the other benefits of compost use are:

  • Improved soil tilth and structure
  • Improved water holding capacity of sandy soils
  • Improved drainage in heavy soils
  • Improved holding capacity of soil nutrients
  • Prevention of or decreased erosion
  • Improved soil aeration
  • Reduced need for chemical fertilizers
  • Remediation of chemically damaged soils
  • Replenishment of trace and macronutrient stores
  • Increased activity of microorganisms within the soil
  • Reduced incidence or severity of certain soil-borne diseases
  • Reduced pesticide use

What We Offer

Astoria Organic Matters offers a variety of services on-site, including:

Clean Construction Waste Drop-Off (Lumber, Unpainted Drywall)

Leaf and Yard Waste Drop Off

Electronic Waste Recycling

Landscape Material Retail Centre

Sales of Finished Compost

Why Choose Us

We are certified, accredited, fully insured and bonded. Our innovative thinking, state-of-the-art technologies, and landfill diversion philosophy will help convert, manufacture, recover & rework hundreds of thousands of raw materials into sound recycled products for sale to landscapers, residents, engineering firms, contractors, golf courses, farmers, and a variety of other clients that would normally go to a conventional landfill.