A Few Words About Us

Astoria Organic Matters is a state of the art organic processing facility being built in Belleville that will service the Eastern Ontario Region. We offer a variety of services and are able to accept all of your organic waste and turn it into a high grade organic fertilizer.

dsc_0018Astoria Organic Matters was created in August 2013 with the intent to implement several diverse environmental initiatives, namely the aforementioned organic processing facility. Strategically partnered with leading environmental companies throughout Europe and North America, it is believed that the creation of Astoria brings a much needed addition to the Eastern Ontario environmental market segment. Astoria will build its strength by developing operating divisions that implement sound environmental initiatives. Our focus is diversion from landfill using sustainable processes that give back to the earth.

Our strength is our knowledgeable and experienced leadership. Couple this leadership with forward thinking, educated employees and there is nothing that isn’t considered and studied as a potential viable operation.

Our vision is to add a competitive, creative organization to the current marketplace in Eastern Ontario. Astoria Organic Matters identified Eastern Ontario as a market that can benefit from an environmental initiative like we have to offer. Astoria will be a leader in this marketplace offering superior quality in service and a better than average economical cost.

Most importantly, Astoria Organic Matters offers a sustainable, environmentally friendly and economically viable solution to landfill diversion for the entire Eastern Ontario Region.

What We Offer

Astoria Organic Matters offers a variety of services on-site, including:

Clean Construction Waste Drop-Off (Lumber, Unpainted Drywall)

Leaf and Yard Waste Drop Off

Electronic Waste Recycling

Landscape Material Retail Centre

Sales of Finished Compost

Why Choose Us

We are certified, accredited, fully insured and bonded. Our innovative thinking, state-of-the-art technologies, and landfill diversion philosophy will help convert, manufacture, recover & rework hundreds of thousands of raw materials into sound recycled products for sale to landscapers, residents, engineering firms, contractors, golf courses, farmers, and a variety of other clients that would normally go to a conventional landfill.